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Pictured: Sunset in the vineyards

Mendoza is a new frontier to explore and discover. As South America’s top wine region, with fabulous hotels and world-class restaurants, and a vibrant local culture, Mendoza appeals to travelers from all over the globe. The outer regions are as enticing as the city and wine country for adventurous types and wine lovers. From white water rafting at Rio Mendoza, mountain biking, hiking, to horseback riding and tranquil spas, there is something for everyone here. Whether you want to kick back and relax, or enjoy a glass of vino, we hope you come see Mendoza soon.

Getting Here

Getting to Mendoza is easy, whether you route through Buenos Aires to soak in a few days of the city's unbelievable culture, or fly through Santiago to get a breathtaking view of the Andes mountains.

Getting around

Getting around in Mendoza is fairly easy, whether you're driving, taking a taxi, or even the bus. Here are some tips and tricks to keep the journey as memorable as the destination - in a good way.

Visa & Customs

Travel to and out of Argentina is quite easy. Here are our recommendations for making your experiences with customs as simple as an empanada.


Currency management in Argentina can be a bit of an adventure. You'll find that you need to use cash here much more than at home, and often very small (and old!) bills and coins. Be informed, and you will be well on your way.

Climate & Time

Mendoza's long days of sunshine gives a great reason to visit anytime of year. This land of great wine is also the land of long days and seasons of warm weather and sunshine, with minimal rain. Great weather and wine, what could be better?


With high altitude, the Andes mountains, 300 + days of sun per year, and rich soil of rock and clay, Mendoza’s geography makes it breathtakingly beautiful - a natural playground for adventurers and wine-lovers alike.

Health & Safety

Maintaining health and staying safe in Mendoza is relatively easy. Quality medical services are readily available and with street smarts you´ll be sure to stay safe and sound.


Mendoza has its own set of norms - most notably siesta and later dining times. Here are a some practical tips for how to make the most of every moment.

Language & Culture

Argentines speak Spanish, are super friendly and most speak at least a little English. From museums to theaters to everyday life in the plazas and parks, Mendoza culture is rich and authentic. Experience it firsthand and you´ll never want to leave.

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