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We know random needs can arise while you travel. Perhaps you need a translation of a document or a broken pair of shoes fixed. These situations are easily handled - here's more info on how.

Translation Services

For travelers who need language assistance, translation and interpretation services are widely available throughout Mendoza. 

Institutes providing English services are: 

Amicana - Chile 985

Instituto Cultural - Necochea 552

Intercultural Lenguas Extranjeras - Siria 241

Institutes providing services in Portuguese are: 

Fundacion Brasilia - Arístides Villanueva 251

Institutes providing services in French: 

Alianza Francesa -Chile 1754

Leather Repair 

If you need shoes or a handbag repaired, a zapatería (shoe store) can help you out. From cleaning to new zippers and fixing rips, there are many options. There are also people on street corners who provide such services for the price no more than five pesos and a friendly conversation. 



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