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Tasting notes are a great starting point for creating the best wine experience imaginable. Here are our descriptions for some of the hundreds of wines we have reviewed over the past eight years.

Achaval Ferrer Finca Bella Vista

It is super-perfumed with aromas of black raspberry, black cherry, floral notes that despite its youth it is already revealing complexity.

Enamore Blend 2009

This wine just wants to make you smile. Definitely the grand finale to any night, this wine strikes you immediately with its rich succulent fruit, amazing balance and expression that almost speaks directly to your inner emotions.

Recuerdo Malbec 2011

A deep violet color, the wine opens with an arresting nose of ripe, black cherry, framed by lively acidity and subtle tannins.

Recuerdo Torrontés 2011

Bright, fresh, and full of summer, Recuerdo Torrontés has a clean straw color with aromatic points of lemon spitz, citrus, and tart white flowers.

Amauta Blend 2005

This blend from the highlands of Salta brings to mind Argentine leather and dark forest fruit.

Amauta III Blend 2006

An intense ruby color with violet notes, ripe and succulent aromas swirl with cherry essence and cassis filling the mouth with intensity, and notes of coffee and tobacco.

Atamisque Cabernet Sauvignon 2007

Pure yummy-ness with dried cranberries and cherries drizzled with dried spices, mint, chalk and maybe even a bit of leather.

Atamisque Malbec 2007

Rich, big, elegant- it has it all. There is an overall tone of freshness but expressions of mature tannins make it intriguing.

Ave Gran Riserva Malbec 2008

Ave Gran Riserva is a pure Malbec with good notes of fruit in the nose and some nice, fresh mint aromas.

Ave Memento 2007

Red ruby color with bright violet notes. Complex aromas of red fruits, spices, vanilla, caramel and mineral. Delicate texture, round palate and elegant tannins

Azul Gran Reserva Blend 2007

Just looking at this wine makes you think of deep murky pools with hidden secrets

Azul Malbec 2010

This Malbec has an attractive purplish red color, and its aromas and flavors remind of red ripe fruits like plums, morello cherries and mulberries.

Bacan Malbec 2007

Debonair and spicy this wine is the true gentleman with delicate sensibilities.

Bacan Reserva Malbec 2007

Inky violet color, with blueberry cola and black licorice that swirl enticingly in the nose. Sweet and dark in the same instance; hints of caramel and green mint with a smooth juiciness that leaves your mouth yearning for more.

BenMarco Expressivo 2007

Cafe, tobacco, fruit – this is an elegant “caballero” sipping an espresso at your favorite cafe, immediately drawing your attention.

BenMarco Malbec 2008

Delicate aromas with lovely lines of balanced and elegant fruit, tannins, hints of spice and black licorice emanate from this feminine wine.

Beta Crux

Bodega y Viñedos O. Fournier´s mission is to become one of the most outstanding high-quality group of wineries.

Bramare Marchiori Vineyards

Viña Cobos produces this Cabernet Sauvignon, which has deep and elegant characteristics that perfectly represent the varietal great potential and tipicity.

Bressia Conjuro Reserva 2006

This is a wine to watch! This dark, almost black-red wine blends a nose of intriguing dark forest berry aromas with juicy, fruity blackberry and plum flavors on the palate

Bressia Monteagrelo

Delicate aromas and an intense red color with purple tones. It has a perfect balance between fruit and oak, very peppery and spicy.

Bressia Monteagrelo Cabernet Franc 2009

A sexy and complex Cab Franc wherever you sense it.

Bressia Monteagrelo Cabernet Sauvignon 2007

Sexy, seductive and ineffably intriguing, the rich and heavy nose brims with deep dark thoughts conjuring a hip jazz cafe.

Bressia Monteagrelo Chardonnay 2009

Greenish yellow in color with very lively golden highlights, the aromas of tropical fruits have the perfect accompaniment of citrus and floral notes.

Bressia Monteagrelo Malbec 2007

An incredibly intense, yet delicately harmonious wine that excites, seduces, and captures your attention.

Bressia Monteagrelo Syrah 2008

Delicate aromas and rich color allude to the dusty minerality that swirls in the glass with intense fruit and some black pepper.

Bressia Piel Negra Pinot Noir 2009

Named for the “black skin” of its grapes, this wine is an extravagant extraction of Pinot and could be aged for some time.

Bressia Profundo Blend 2007

Spicy raspberry goodness meets cherry fruit roll up laced with enticing pepper and cinnamon notes in the nose.

Caelum Cabernet Sauvignon 2009

A perfect wine for the first date – now it just depends how smooth your moves are.

Calypso Malbec 2009

Bright medium ruby in color, in the nose, it has the perfect balance of fresh and ripe fruits

Cantinian Malbec 2009

A nice dark color with fresh berry aromas, dark chocolate and tobacco.

CarinaE Gran Reserva Malbec 2008

It presents aroma and flavor combined harmoniously: red and black fruits typical of Malbec, with vanilla and chocolate notes acquired in the barrel.

CarinaE Gran Reserva Syrah 2007

A joyous romp with cherry, violets, blackberries and brambly fruit in the midst of earthy toffee and tobacco.

CarinaE Malbec - Cabernet Sauvignon 2009

With good color and structure, all the aromas of red fruit and plums typical of Malbec are revealed and combined with spices given by the Cabernet Sauvignon and hints of chocolate and vanilla coming from the oak.

Carmelo Patti Espumante 2004

Lovingly handmade, each bottle of Carmelo’s rich and luscious sparking wine is a celebration.

Catalpa Chardonnay 2010

Delicate aromas of white apples, flowers, honey and pineapple mingle with vanilla essences.

Catalpa Malbec 2009

With a pure expression of color, this Malbec wants to whisper sweet nothings in your ear.

Catalpa Merlot 2007

Earthy with cola notes, this comforting wine has a down-to-earth nose, dark cherry color and pepper and smoke aromas

Catalpa Pinot Noir 2009

A bright ruby in color, the nose is filled with raspberry marmalade and red currants

Cavagnaro Reserve Malbec 2006

This is a wine that hails from its terroir heritage emitting notes of earth, leather, black cherries and a dark black cherry in color and hints of flinty rock.

Cavas de Crianza Blend 2008

Plush and inviting with big round strawberry fruit, dried herb, and cedar on the nose.

Clos de Chacras Cabernet Sauvignon 2007

A rich and ripe Cabernet, styled for relaxing on the porch as the days lengthen into Spring.

Cuvelier Grand Malbec

Owned by the proprietors of the famed Château Léoville Poyferré in St. Julien, Cuvelier Los Andes produces a group of mouth-staining wines from none other than the five classic Bordeaux grape varieties.

Cuvelier Grand Vin

This wine is noble and statuesque with aromas that allure of black cherry, Asian spices, hints of wild flowers and smoke.

Cuvelier Los Andes Colección Blend 2008

With a distinctive French flair, this wine blends the best of the varietals to create this earthy, yet completely charming blend.

Cuvelier Los Andes Grand Malbec 2008

This elegant and classic wine is structured like a good school teacher. It has a lot to teach you about terroir and nuance.

Cuvelier Los Andes Grand Vin Blend 2007

This wine is noble and statuesque with aromas that allure of black cherry, Asian spices, hints of wild flowers and smoke.

Cuvelier Los Andes Malbec 2009

Brooding and earthy with a dark blood burgundy color. Dark cherries with brown sugar, black pepper, honey and toast

Doña Elvira Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon 2005

Bright ruby red, the delicate aromas belie the varietal composition that is found in the mouth- young cherries and dry Cabernet tannins

Doña Silvina Malbec 2006

Dark burgundy in color, the intriguing nose hints at a mysterious, curious side of this wine.

Doña Silvina Reserva Malbec 2006

Malbec “en fuego” with deep cherry and floral essences. This wine is downright impressive

Enrique Foster Ique Malbec 2010

Youthful and lively, Ique is festive and fun all around.

Enrique Foster Reserva Malbec 2007

A dark black cherry in color, it is spicy elegance rolled up into a good rich candy apple

Enrique Foster Reserva Malbec 2008

Enrique Foster is one of the few wineries that from the outset has specialized in producing only Malbec.

Enrique Foster Terruño Lunlunta Malbec 2006

Elegant and rich, this Malbec has a spicy nose, intense strawberries, cherries and some blackberries.

Enrique Foster Terruño Vistalba Malbec 2006

An elegant nose with blackberries, caramel, spices and a surprise explosion of black pepper.

Gimenez Riili Perpetuum Premium Syrah 2008

A dark violet color, the nose is meaty and spicy like a good Syrah murmuring hints of cinnamon spice, cedar, tobacco and leather.

Gimenez Riili Reserva Malbec 2008

Dark cherry color with complex red stone fruit mixed with some interesting dried spices.

Gran Estirpe Malbec 2008

With the characteristic red-violet nuances of Malbec, this wine has a fruity start, a nose full of vanilla and chocolate, sweet and mature tannins and a consistent structure.

Gran Lorca Poetico Blend 2007

This wine is lean and mean with dynamic layers and aromas that exude earthiness and rich black fruit.

Gran Lorca Poético Petit Verdot 2008

Dark, burgundy color, succulent blackberries and accents from the oak – like graphite, earth, chocolate leather and smoke – are the perfect prelude for the dense tannins and a lengthy persistent finish.

Gran Malbec De Angeles 2008

Dark black like a starless night, the velvety flavors accent the sultry aromas for flowers, spice and amaretto

Gritos Malbec 2008

A fresh fruity wine with spicy aromas, rose petal, cherry, vanilla and black plum

Inizio Reserva Malbec 2008

This is a wine to drink with someone special, so get out the wine glasses

La Flor Blend

The color is of a high intensity with purple tones. In nose it offers complex aromas of spices and red fruits, subtle notes of vanilla and harmonious.

La Puerta Gran Reserva Blend 2008

The intense black-red color anticipates the intensity of aromas: full of red fruits with hints of smoke reflecting its oak aging

Laborum Malbec 2006

Uber concentrated with ripe plums and cherries, hints of hazelnut and caramel with luxuriously smooth fruit that literally bursts into lovely layers of anise, and spice

Laborum Syrah 2004

Dark garnet in color, this Syrah from the Northern region of Salta is an interesting mixture of fruit and spice that is characteristic of the Syrah varietal

Laborum Tannat 2005

Deep garnet in color, the intriguing combination of chalk, red flower and green herb aromas mingle in the glass with distinctiveness and intensity.

Las Loicas Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon 2006

Unique from the first aromatic sniff, Las Loicas is a treasure for lovers of Old World Cabernet

Las Perdices Cabernet Sauvignon 2006

Ruby colored with brick accents,its aromas of dried green herbs and currant compliment the soft mouth with sour cherry and cassis flavors.

Las Perdices Reserva Bonarda 2009

Full of sweetness, this Bonarda first catches your senses with an intense red-violet color

Las Perdices Reserva Don Juan Blend 2008

Don Juan welcomes your senses from the very beginning.

Las Perdices Reserva Pinot Noir 2008

A dark plum color with brilliant highlights. Lovely and subtle with a delicate nose of strawberry jam, sweet red fruits and a light dusting of earth – hints of red roses in summer.

Las Perdices Tinamú 2006

This impressive wine is brickish black in color, with super rich black pepper, blackberry and cherry aromas.

Las Perdices Tinamú 2007

This impressive wine is brickish black in color, with super rich black pepper, blackberry and cherry aromas. The mouth is a fruit filled delight with powerhouse flavors and tannins, cinnamon, chalk, spice and acid.

Las Perdices Torrontés 2011

The pale yellow color with golden tones anticipates the intensity of aromas: roses and jasmines, with gentle hints of citric fruits and white peach

Las Perdices Viognier 2011

The greenish-yellow color portends the refreshing aromas of peach and apricot of this Viognier

Laureano Gómez Malbec 2010

This author’s wine appears at sight with a violet intense almost black color.


Lindaflor is an amazing wine from bodega Monteviejo. With consulting winemaker, Michel Rolland, this complex wine shows an intense bright red color with purple hues, intricate aromas of ripe plums, licorice, black pepper with subtle notes of nutmeg

Lindaflor La Violeta Malbec 2007

It is very concentrated in color, with intense, bright ruby and tones of purple.

Lorca Ópalo Malbec 2008

Dark and inky all over from color to aromas, infused with cherries, tobacco, leather and all things sexy.

Lorca Ópalo Syrah 2007

For true expression of varietal characteristics, winemaker Mauricio Lorca does not use any oak in this wine.

Lorca Poético Viogner 2010

This wine is made in small quantities by the well known winemaker, Mauricio Lorca. He takes meticulous care in the vineyard, with each vine only producing one bottle of this special wine.

Lurton Pinot Grigio

The Lurton brothers founded their winery in Uco Valle in 1996. From the very beginning the brothers were amazed by the exceptional climate and the virgin lands of this area located at around 1100 meters above sea level.

Maia Cabernet Sauvignon 2006

Soft and subtle, this wine is a lengthy discourse on the attributes of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Mairena Bonarda 2006

Like a beautiful flamenco dancer, this bold and colorful wine is smooth and seductive yet flashy and passionate.

Mairena Reserva Bonarda 2008

This wine has an intense, bright red color with purple hues.

Malbec De Angeles 2008

Fresh vibrant color, the radiant personality shows through with pure red fruits accented by strawberries, cherry gummy bears some yummy caramel topping.

Marcelo Pelleriti Reserve Malbec 2008

This Malbec has intense deep red tones with violet hues.

Mariflor Pinot Noir 2009

A truth passion for the wine made possible the creation of this partnership project between Dany and Michel Rolland who always wanted to produce Ultra Premium Wines in Argentina.

Mariflor Pinot Noir 2010

A truth passion for the wine made possible the creation of this partnership project between Dany and Michel Rolland who always wanted to produce Ultra Premium Wines in Argentina.

Maula Oak Malbec 2011

Maula Oak Malbec shows an intense, passionate red with violet hues.

Maula Oak Pinot Noir 2011

This Pinot Noir is of a limpid and shiny red color, with cherry color hues.

Melodia Merlot 2006

The wine is an intriguing brick red in the glass, with deep berry aromas and a touch of oak.

Mendel Unus Blend 2008

Bright burgundy in color, this blend exhibits concentrated black cherry and plum fruit, an elegant balance with aromas of rose, leather, and vanilla

Mi Terruño Reserva Malbec 2007

Deep red with violet hues, its aromas are a mixture of ripe red fruits and berries with hints of spice, chocolate and caramel.

Mil Vientos

From bodega Merced del Estero, Mil Vientos is produced in the province of San Juan. This small state-of-art winery was built in 2004 to produce top-quality wine with true expression of the local terroir.

Mil Vientos Reserva Malbec 2009

The dark blackish color lends itself to the toasty and smoky accents that mingle with bright red cherry and spices

Mil Vientos Syrah 2006

A deep ruby color but clear in the glass, this wine shines with a patina of old world elegance and red velvet.

Monte Cinco Petit Verdot 2007

The inky black color greets aromas of violets, spice, minerals, and dusty oak tannins

Monteviejo Blend 2007

The light perfume is deceptive: a deep concentration of flavors blooms in the mouth, with black cherries spiced with clove, caramel and a hint of smoke.

Monteviejo Petite Fleur Blend 2008

Expressive with winter’s toasty spices, accompanied by raspberries and fresh herbs in the nose

Mounier Torrontés 2010

This vibrant wine is perfect for spring meals with zesty acidity and lush floral perfumy notes

Nómade Reserva Malbec 2004

Almost black in color, this wine is concentrated, amplifying the terroir of the Uco Valley.

Nómade Reserva Syrah 2003

Inky black burgundy in color, this wine opens up like a treasure trove of spices in the nose - clove, nutmug, cinnamon and toasted nuts.

Norberto B. Richardi Sparkling Wine

The wine is the color of lightly spun gold, with small, persistent bubbles.

Opalo Syrah

For true expression of varietal characteristics, winemaker Mauricio Lorca does not use any oak in this wine.

Otello Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon 2006

This elegant Cabernet Sauvignon gives a rich bouquet of mint, coffee beans, and bitter chocolate along with ripe plum jam

Patrón Santiago Gran Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon 2003

Rustic and earthy like the church winemaking heritage that is symbolized on the label, this wine is entrenched in tradition.

Pródigo Malbec 2007

Bright red festive colors bring the best of Summer to your glass

Proemio Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon 2003

Dusky red orange, it has the typical color of an aged Cabernet.

Pulenta Estate

Pulenta Estate is the winery and vineyards from the brothers Hugo and Eduardo Pulenta. This wine offers a ruby-red color with violet hues and an aroma of spices reminding of eucalyptus and pepper.

Pulenta Estate III Cabernet Sauvignon 2009

This dry and dusky wine reminds you of desert sunsets- intense color and aromas followed by concentrated fruit in the glass.

Pulenta Estate IX Pinot Noir 2008

Shy yet seductive, this Pinot wants to go places! Spicy and full of pepper, strawberries and butterscotch, with balanced acidity, soft tannins and an elegant finish.

Pulenta Estate La Flor Blend 2009

Fresh and vibrant like a new spring day when the grass is just cut.

Pulenta Estate La Flor Cabernet Sauvignon 2008

Redolent with chalk and pepper yet brimming with dark plums and stone fruit, hints of red and green pepper and heady spices.

Pulenta Estate Malbec - Cabernet Sauvignon 2009

The intense red color welcomes your sight. The complexity of aromas is given by the notes of plum, cherry and notable spiciness coming from the Cabernet.

Pulenta Estate VII Gran Corte 2007

One whiff and you are captivated. Sweet and intricate, this blend is incredibly expressive with ripe blackberry, cinnamon, black pepper, and much, much more

Punto Final Clásico Malbec 2010

An intense dark purple in color, the rich bouquet is filled with luscious blackberries laced with a streak of mocha.

Punto Final Reserva Malbec 2008

Opaque purple-colored, this Malbec is full of rich and fresh red in the nose

Qaramy 600 Blend 2005

Dark ruby red color in color, it is full and round with rich fruit, cherries, fresh tannins and a spiciness that integrates flavors in the mouth and through the finish.

Qaramy Alto Blend 2005

Deep red in colour. Bouquet of red fruits and spices. Soft presence of tannins. Great body and good structure, with a good and lingering finish.

Qaramy Finca Blend 2005

Inky jet black with dark garnet hues and like a beautiful concierto, this concentrated wine exudes complexity, fortitude and passion

Ricominciare Altisimo Cabernet Franc 2006

This varietlly-pure wine smells of charred green pepper, right off the grill

Ricominciare Altisimo Malbec 2006

A deep opaque ruby red with sweet and sour cherries and cranberries in the perfumed nose

Ricominciare Cabernet Franc/Cabernet Sauvignon 2006

Filled with bright red cherry, freshly cut grass and a hint of red and green pepper, the nose rounds out with strawberry and milk chocolate notes.

Ricominciare Cabernet Franc/Malbec 2006

This fresh wine, with hints of freshly cut grass in the bouquet, is evocative of opening day at the baseball stadium.

Santos Beck Malbec 2006

A deep blood red color, this approachable fruit-forward Malbec is perfect for a Sunday afternoon picnic

Serrera Malbec 2007

Bring on summer with this basket full of berries and ripe fruit.

Serrera Syrah 2007

Dark garnet in appearance, it has nose-filling aromas of tobacco, clove and leather mixed with black cherries

Sin Fin Gran Guarda Malbec 2007

Blackish burgundy in color with plums, earth, toast and a hint of smoke.

Sol-Fa-Sol Malbec 2009

Deep red and bright in color with splashes of magenta, this Malbec abounds in fruits

Suipacha Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon 2007

A little bit wild with a dark color and style, it shows earthy stone, fruit and roasted peppers

Sur de los Andes Reserva Bonarda 2008

Rich round aromas consistent with the varietal, the fruit jumps out with touches of mint and vanilla tantalizing your nose.

Sur de los Andes Reserva Malbec 2007

A breath of fresh air, the Malbec offers a host of blueberries, mint and mineral notes.

Tempus Alba Syrah 2006

Blackish-brick in color, the cloves, cinnamon, licorice, and black plums permeate the nose of this sweet and succulent Syrah

The Vines Chardonnay 2010

Clean greenish yellow with good intensity and bright gleams catch your attention.

The Vines Malbec 2011

Purple-black in color, and full of violets and blueberry jam in the nose, this Malbec holds plenty of blue-black fruit like blackberry, black cherry and dried oregano.

The Vines Rosé Malbec 2011

With a clean, transparent and bright red color, The Vines Malbec Rosé is a young, fresh, fruity wine that reminds you of strawberries, red currant and quince.

Trapezio Plus ++ Blend 2007

Interesting blend of varietals that highlights each of their strengths

Urraca Cabernet Sauvignon 2008

Chocolately and earthy, this wine will lure you into loving Argentine Cabernet

Urraca Familia Langley Reserva Blend 2005

Elegant to a fault, it is intriguing with smooth beautiful sweetness that mingles with complex layers of spice, graphite, black cherry, licorice and black chocolate.

Urraca Malbec 2008

Abundant red fruits are apparent in the nose with plum, black cherry and vanilla.

Urraca Primera Reserva Blend 2005

Concentrated and rich flavors of plum and red quince are underscored with bright bing cherry and violet accents

Val de Flores

The small vineyard producing this wine is planted with Malbec vines of more than fifty years old. Michel Rolland devoted all his care to the grapes at Val de Flores, and all his skill, enthusiasm and experience to the winemaking, while respecting the…

Valle Las Nencias Family Selection Malbec 2008

The dark inky colors obscure like a witches caldron – beguiling blackberries and subtle nuances in the nose emanate violets, plums, pepper, anise and black cherry

Valle Las Nencias Reserve Malbec 2008

Dark blue and black essences swirl in the glass. Concentrated blueberries, blackberries and violets mix with graphite and tobacco.

Zorzal Malbec 2010

The intense, deep red you first see anticipates the fruits you’ll smell: plum, raspberry, cassis and strawberries fill your nose.

Zorzal Reserva Malbec 2010

Zorzal Reserva Malbec has an intense, deep red color, and floral, chocolate and licorice aromas.

Zorzal Reserva Pinot Noir 2010

This delightful Pinot Noir has an intense bright color. In the mouth, it is full of flowers with some pronounced notes of strawberry marmalade, and vanilla and chocolate coming from the oak.

Zorzal Sauvignon Blanc 2011

This Sauvignon Blanc shows greenish yellow color with subtle steely glints.

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