Paraglading at the Cerro Arco

Health & Safety

Pictured: Paraglading at the Cerro Arco

Maintaining health and staying safe in Mendoza is relatively easy. Quality medical services are readily available and with street smarts you´ll be sure to stay safe and sound.


Preparing for a trip to Mendoza is fairly simple, particularly when it comes to your health. Be sure to fill your prescriptions, as you may not be able to obtain the same medicines over the counter. Also, as it is a desert, and can get windy from time to time, do be sure to bring allergy medicines, as the pollen count is often quite high, particularly during the Spring and Fall. No vaccinations are needed however, and the water is generally safe to drink, even though it make look cloudy in certain locations.

If you become sick during your visit, do not worry, there are hospitals and doctors throughout the city that have staff that speak English and are accustomed to dealing with foreigners/tourists.

Recommended hospitals in the city are: 

Clínica Francesa, Corner of Colon & 25 de Mayo, Mendoza City

Policlínico de Cuyo, Corner of Av. San Martín & Av. José Vicente Zapata, Mendoza City

Hospital Español, Corner of Av. San Martín & calle Erlich, Godoy Cruz

Hospital Notti (for children), Av. Bandera de los Andes, close to Mendoza Plaza Shopping mall)

Hospital Fleming (for pregnant women), (Av. Colón, downtown)


Petty theft can be a problem in Mendoza. 

Be sure to be street smart. Keep cameras out of view and expensive electronics and wallets off of tables at outside restaurants and in view.

When dining outside, you may be approached by solicitors. A brief "No, Gracias" will send them on their way.

Keep expensive looking jewels, and your Passport, in your hotel safe at all times, and expensive cameras out of plain view. 


You will notice that Mendoza city is relatively safe with cameras at almost every stoplight, police patrolling by foot, bicycle, car, or even horseback in the park, plus city security by foot, bicycle and car.

If you do have an emergency, dial 911 as you would at home, or speak to the nearest police officer. The concierge at a local hotel can also help you. 




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