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Getting Here

Pictured: Sunset in Mendoza

Getting to Mendoza is easy, whether you route through Buenos Aires to soak in a few days of the city's unbelievable culture, or fly through Santiago to get a breathtaking view of the Andes mountains.

Getting Here

By Plane

You can get to Mendoza by connecting through either Buenos Aires or Santiago, Chile on most major international airlines. Flight times to Buenos Aires are 13 hours from Los Angeles, 11 hours from New York and 8½ hours from Miami. However, you should keep in mind that it is often closer and easier to fly into Santiago if you are going to be spending most of your time in Mendoza.

There are several flights daily to Mendoza International Airport from both Buenos Aires and Santiago. The airport is only 7 km north of the city center. Taxis or remises to downtown Mendoza from the airport are easily available. The trip to the city center should cost about AR$50 (US $10). 

From Buenos Aires

Mendoza is just a 1.5 hour flight away from Buenos Aires, or a 13-hour bus ride. 

If you’re flying into Buenos Aires and proceeding directly to Mendoza, make sure that you have enough time to catch your Buenos Aires-Mendoza flight. International flights into Buenos Aires (EZE) and domestic flights out to Mendoza (AEP) leave from different airports, which, without traffic, are a 45-minute to 1-hour cab ride apart, at minimum. Estimate an additional few hours for rush hour. Taxi fares between airports typically cost US $100 and flights from Buenos Aires to Mendoza start at US $200 each.

A first class bus ticket gets you a seat that lies flat, making the ride as comfortable as a train car, if not more. And it only costs around $50 USD.

From Santiago, Chile

Santiago is a quick 30-minute flight to Mendoza. More importantly, you pass over the gorgeous Andes mountains along the way, so there are incredible photo opportunities. Be sure to book a window seat. As an alternative to Buenos Aires airport, we tend to feel that the food is better and the airport is easier to navigate. 

If you arrive in Mendoza via Santiago, Chile, you can catch a connecting flight to Mendoza the same day and most likely have your luggage checked all the way through as well. 

Flights from Santiago to Mendoza range from US$100-US$400 each way, depending upon the season and advanced purchase date. Lan Chile and Aerolineas Argentinas have several flights a day to Mendoza. 

No matter which port of entry you take, don't forget to pay the reciprocity fee online before you begin your journey at 

*Note: If you leave the airport in Chile and are a US citizen, you will need to pay an exit tax of around $150, which is good for the life of your passport.




800 333 0276 - from US

+54 9 (261) 420 4100 - from Mendoza



800 735 5526 - From US

+54 9 (261) 425 7900 - from Mendoza 

+54 9 (11) 4378-2200 from Buenos Aires





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