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Pictured: Snow-Capped Andes

Mendoza's long days of sunshine gives a great reason to visit anytime of year. This land of great wine is also the land of long days and seasons of warm weather and sunshine, with minimal rain. Great weather and wine, what could be better?

When is the best time to come to Mendoza?

October through April are considered the best months for visiting Mendoza - from the planting season through harvest. Spring (October, November) and fall (March, April) are warm, crisp and bursting with colors, and around 70ºF. During this time, winery activities are bustling, and outdoor adventures are in peak season. The season is also appealing because it is when the northern hemisphere is normally experiencing a chilly winter. 



December 21st to March 21st

During summer, the sun becomes the king of the season, and it makes its presence felt. The temperatures vary between 86º, 95º and 104ºF or more, especially during the months of January and February. Be sure to include sunglasses and light clothes, and also layers for evening which can be cool. January and February can be rainy, with sudden rain in the evenings that leaves as quickly as it starts.  


March 21st to June 21st

If you want to avoid the Vendimia crowds, April and May are lovely months to visit Mendoza. In fall, many wineries are finishing the harvest and starting the winemaking process, making it a fun time to taste grapes and get involved in winemaking.


June 21st to September 21st

Winter is pruning season at the vineyards. It is the driest and sunniest time of year, with chilly nights and a delayed sunrise in the mornings. Temperatures average around 58ºF during the day and 36ºF at night. 


September 21st to December 21st

During the months of November and December you can feel summer approaching, with high temperatures. In December the average temperatures vary between 88ºF and 99ºF. Don`t forget to bring a swim suit, sun glasses, and high SPF sunblock. Sun in the southern hemisphere is very strong. 

Time Zone

Mendoza's standard time zone is UTC/GMT -3 hours. There is no daylight savings time in Argentina.



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