Pulenta Estate

Lujan de Cuyo


Pulenta Estate is a handsome winery with minimalist architecture and well crafted wines whose excellence is proven by the level of demand. The owners, brothers Eduardo and Hugo Pulenta, come from a long line of winemakers, and their ancestors ran Argentina’s biggest winery, Peñaflor.

After selling Penaflor, they founded Pulenta Estate to focus creating the highest quality wines in Mendoza. The establishment has one of the most accomplished young winemakers in Mendoza, Javier Lo Forte, who focuses on continual experimentation with varietals, yeasts and fermentation methods. 

In addition to winemaking, the Pulentas are well known for collecting Porsches, providing visitors an interesting surprise with photos of their car collection displayed throughout the winery. 

Tours include an informative talk in the vineyards and of course a tasting of wines in the middle of their barrel room.

Wine to try: Their stunning Cabernet Franc, a great example of how this difficult-to-make varietal can excel in Argentina. It's like biting into a green pepper. Delicious! 


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Pulenta Estate III Cabernet Sauvignon 2009

This dry and dusky wine reminds you of desert sunsets- intense color and aromas followed by concentrated fruit in the glass.

Pulenta Estate IX Pinot Noir 2008

Shy yet seductive, this Pinot wants to go places! Spicy and full of pepper, strawberries and butterscotch, with balanced acidity, soft tannins and an elegant finish.

Pulenta Estate La Flor Blend 2009

Fresh and vibrant like a new spring day when the grass is just cut.

Pulenta Estate La Flor Cabernet Sauvignon 2008

Redolent with chalk and pepper yet brimming with dark plums and stone fruit, hints of red and green pepper and heady spices.

Pulenta Estate Malbec - Cabernet Sauvignon 2009

The intense red color welcomes your sight. The complexity of aromas is given by the notes of plum, cherry and notable spiciness coming from the Cabernet.

Pulenta Estate VII Gran Corte 2007

One whiff and you are captivated. Sweet and intricate, this blend is incredibly expressive with ripe blackberry, cinnamon, black pepper, and much, much more

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Cavas Wine Lodge
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Finca Adalgisa
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Designed like a log cabin placed perfectly in the midst of acres of vineyards, Lares de Chacras offers tranquility in the middle of Chacras de Coria.

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This is a unique dining experience where you get your own private room just for your party.

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Located in Dominio del Plata winery in Agrelo, Osadia de Crear offers a diverse menu based on a fusion of Argentine and Mediterranean cuisines.

Las Negras

Located in the leafy suburban town Chacras de Coria, 15 minutes away from the city of Mendoza, this restaurant, popular with locals and tourists, is known for their steak and other Argentine classics. The large sundeck is perfect for dining al fresco…

Prímula Cantina Ferroviaria

Located inside an old adobe house on the property of Bodega Estrella de Los Andes, Primula Cantina Ferroviaria brings together food and wine with the history.


Essential Experience

In 2009, the Pimentel family, who specialized in farm management, created Caelum project after deciding to move from Buenos Aires to Mendoza. Recruiting the help of Italian winemaker Guiseppe Franceschini, they started making European style wines.


Essential Experience

A pebble walled tower, this winery sits over a small reservoir, and visitors can participate in a blending master class, combining different vineyard samples of Malbec in order to produce their own favorite blend.

Ruca Malen

Ruca Malen
Essential Experience

One of the greatest delights of Mendoza is a leisurely winery lunch, with multiple courses paired with exquisite wines, and a gorgeous vineyard and mountain view. Ruca Malen's is one of the best.

Hacienda del Plata

This quaint, family run winery in the heart of Lujan de Cuyo gives you a great idea of how boutique wine is made. The Gonzalez family, the owners, personally lead tours of the quaint establishment, and often give let you taste from the barrel.

Terrazas de los Andes

The attractive winery is not that far from Chandon itself, but has a more secluded feel with private gardens and a restaurant which has gained quite a lot of fame for its top quality French style cooking paired with wines from the bodega.

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Argentina Rafting

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Finca las Lechuzas

During your horseback rides at the finca, guests have the opportunity to select which wineries to visit. Wineries often visited include Viña Cobos, Decero, Belasco de Baquedano, Septima, Ruca Malen, Melipal, Cruzat, Norton, and Terraza de los Andes.

Rincon de los Oscuros

Rincon de los Oscuros raise their own cattle and horses, and share breathtaking views with guests - condors and other rare wildlife are the norm. Enjoy a half day or a full day tour.

Entre Cielos

Entre Cielos
Essential Experience

Entre Cielos offers the only first traditional (hamam) Turkish bath circuit in all of Latin America. Hamams are the perfect place to unwind and reconnect with your body.

Termas de Cacheuta

Termas de Cacheuta Springs offers massages and relaxation in an adventurous, natural setting, overlooking breathtaking mountains. You can laze the day away wading from hot spring to hot spring.


At this store, dedicated to folk are, you can view and purchase many types of folk art, including tapestries, ceramics, wood carvings, silverware and religious objects.

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Casa Fader

Named Emiliano Guianazu or Casa Fader in honor of one of hte most important impressionist artists from Argentina, Fernando Fader, this museum is located in Mayor Drummond, Lujan de Cuyo.

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