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With one of the most accomplished winemakers in Argentina, Marcello Pelleriti, also the head winemaker for Chateau le Gay in Pomerol, Monteviejo is well-known for its high scoring wines; their Lindaflor earned 93 points from Wine Spectator internationally. To add to the winery's fame - it is owned by one of the most influential French women in wine, Catherine Péré-Vergé. It is a key winery in the famed Clos de los Siete family, run by Michel Rolland. 

But enough name dropping, let's get on to the wine. 

Beautiful on the outside but functional on the inside, the large winery has simple and rational design to make fine wines with minimal inconvenience. The tourist route is oriented around the outside circuit of the winery to give visitors a view into the winery but allow the winemakers to focus on winemaking at all times.

Monteviejo produce French-style blends as well as some single varieties which are sold domestically but primarily out of Argentina.

Every summer the winery holds a special wine and music event called Monteviejo Wine Rock, first organized by Pelleriti to invite locals and tourists to enjoy two of his favorite passions - wine and rock and roll. Other Argentine winemakers and rock lovers join in on the concert and it attracts some of the best rock musicians in Argentina.

Wine to try: Their Lindaflor Malbec is wonderfully elegant and rich.

Facilities & features

Monteviejo was built under the premise of integrating and harmonizing the building with the natural scenery, without interrupting or limiting the impressive view of the Andes Mountain. It was built in 2001 and the first vintage was in 2002. Catherine Péré Vergé, the owner, also owns from 1985 Château Montviel, Château La Graviére, Château Le Gay and Château La Violette in Pomerol, France.


  • Festivo Torrontes
  • Festivo Malbec
  • Festivo Rosado
  • Petite Fleur
  • Calypso
  • Monteviejo
  • Seguí Bicentenario
  • Lindaflor Malbec
  • Lindaflor Chardonnay
  • Lindaflor La Violeta.


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Calypso Malbec 2009

Bright medium ruby in color, in the nose, it has the perfect balance of fresh and ripe fruits

Lindaflor La Violeta Malbec 2007

It is very concentrated in color, with intense, bright ruby and tones of purple.

Monteviejo Blend 2007

The light perfume is deceptive: a deep concentration of flavors blooms in the mouth, with black cherries spiced with clove, caramel and a hint of smoke.

Monteviejo Petite Fleur Blend 2008

Expressive with winter’s toasty spices, accompanied by raspberries and fresh herbs in the nose

In the region


Essential Experience

Casa Antucura offers murals, paintings and sculptures to be enjoyed, along with a huge library featuring more than 8,000 books. Guests can tour and sample wines from the Antucura winery and cellar.

The Vines Resort & Spa

The Vines Resort & Spa
Essential Experience

Set among 1,500 acres of pristine vineyards in the Uco Valley at the base of the Andes, guests will experience the warmth of the Argentine wine region and settle into modern architecture in conversation with the majestic rise of rugged mountains.

Fuente Mayor

In the heart of the Uco Valley, this large hotel offers a great option if you'd like to spend a few days in the vineyards in a traditional hotel. The hotel provides amenities, good beds, and the standard services.

Los Chulengos

Set along a riverbed in Tupugato, this offers a very authentic, country experience in Argentina, complete with sheep, goats, and horses.

Tupungato Divino

Tupungato Divino is in the middle of the Uco Valley’s wine route. A product of two Argentine families, this lodge is secluded within five hectares of Argentine wineries and the beauty of the Andes.

Finca Blousson

Finca Blousson
Essential Experience

Provincial French details with local Argentine ingredients make this farmhouse-style restaurant a great place to check out in the hottest part of The Uco Valley.

Francis Mallmann's Siete Fuegos

Francis Mallmann's Siete Fuegos
Essential Experience

Internationally acclaimed chef Francis Mallmann creates inspired regional dishes, showcasing Argentina's famous beef and exceptional wines.

Almacen de Uco

This rustic restaurant is located in the beautiful Manzano Historico in the Uco Valley, where Argentina’s San Martin famously returned from the Andes after liberating Argentina, Chile and Peru.


In a carnivore’s country like Argentina, it can be tricky to get fish in a restaurant, but this popular place specializes in seafood, including shellfish (mariscos).

La Posada del Jamon

Originally this was the only restaurant in the Uco Valley. Since the wine industry and tourism there has boomed over the last decade, there are now other restaurants on the scene, however La Posada de Jamon remains a top choice locally.

La Tupiña Bistro

Named after one of the best bistros in the world, La Tupiña in Bordeaux, this restaurant in Guiltallary is a great spot for fusion food.

La Azul

La Azul
Essential Experience

La Azul had humble beginnings as just a vineyard, selling harvested grapes sold to local winemakers. Today it is a thriving boutique winery with a reputation for great quality red wines and attention to detail.


Essential Experience

When walking through the winery, you will notice it is designed in the shape of a cross. This design of Salentein's entire property is meant to be both spiritual and practical, intriguing the visitors while making wine production efficient.

The Vines of Mendoza

The Vines of Mendoza
Essential Experience

With 180 degree views of the Andes, The Vines of Mendoza’s Uco Valley Tasting Room offers a unique opportunity to barrel taste, blend your own wines, and even see barrel fermentation in action.


At the entrance to one of Mendoza’s most renowned wine regions, the Uco Valley, this winery features stunning stone crafted architecture designed by architects Bormida & Yanzon. This setting helps the winery blend into this wild, rustic setting.

Bodega Rolland (Clos de los Siete)

In Argentina, Michel Rolland that needs no introduction - he is one of the most famous consultants and wine producers globally. He is famous for being a French winemaker, and he has found great success in developing fabulous wines in Mendoza.

Cuvelier de los Andes (Clos de los Siete)

The winery was designed with simplicity in mind and is made up of three units – one for tanks, one for barrels, and one for bottles. Orange hued, the building makes a striking impression against the mountain backdrop.

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Estancia Rancho `e Cuero

Visitors eat amazing asados paired with great Mendoza wines, fly fish, trek, and of course horseback ride. This excursion is nothing short of a real Mendoza ranch experience.

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Wine Rock is back at Clos De Los Siete

Wine Rock is back at Clos De Los Siete
Essential Experience

One of the hottest dates to mix rock n roll and wine is confirmed for Saturday May 3rd at Clos de los Siete. The Monteviejo Wine Rock Tour is back and planned to be better than ever.

Gonzalo Anton Art Exhibit in Gimenez Riili Winery

Through May 2013, in celebration of the 2012 harvest, the artistic works of Mendocinian artist Gonzalo Anton, will be displayed in Gimenez Riili Winery, located in the Uco Valley, in the Vista Flores region.

Killka Art Gallery Art Exhibits - 2014

Through July 28, 2014, Bodega Salentein's Killka Art Gallery will feature a collection of drawings, paintings and sculpture from three diverse Mendocinian artists.

Rev up your engines for Rally de las Bodegas 2014

Rally de Las Bodegas is the only event of its kind that combines competitve motorsport with an elegant experience along Mendoza's wine routes.

Where to Lunch on Easter "Pascua" Sunday

Easter Sunday, April 20, in Mendoza is an opportunity to really experience a traditional Argentine Sunday, which involves lingering over lunch with family and friends with plenty of food and bottle or two of vino.

Wine Rock Tour 2013

On May 5th, rockers and wine lovers alike will gather at Monteviejo Winery in the Uco Valley, within Michel Rolland's Clos De Los Siete projec, for an afternoon of rock and roll and wine tasting as the 3rd edition of Wine Rock Tour kicks off.

Killka Gallery at Salentein

Killka is a wide gallery that features murals, sculptures, and other artistic works all focusing on agriculture in some way. The space itself mimics allegories of viticulture and irrigation at the agricultural oasis.

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